The vision behind DANKS

We are convinced that everyone can have an impact on social media, spread targeted messages with their posts, and inspire people. We also know that not every company has the time, money or nerves to implement an elaborate influencer campaign and deal with complex social media strategies. That’s why we want to bring together what should be inseparable: real creators with great brands. DANKS is a mediator, organizer and consultant all in one, and remains easy to use as an app and website. This creates real stakeholder relationships, but above all a fair social media market with access and content for everybody.

DANKS – That’s us!

Alban Ismaili

CEO & Founder

Creative sales talent with several years of experience in international sales, loves a challenge and finds a solution for everything. Has completed the 30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge.

Chima Nwachukwu

CFO & Founder

The strategist and analyst with know-how in finance and project management. An all-rounder and organizational talent. Has a weakness for Neapolitan pizza.

Joris Schweiger


The marketing genius specializing in social media marketing. He’s not just one, but two steps ahead of every trend. He becomes an absolute fanboy when it comes to Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant.

Ervin Domazet


IT professor, who is characterized by his innovative streak. For him, ''everything is possible'' is not just a slogan, but a way of life. Has a weakness for table tennis and is convinced that it promotes stamina.

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